Hair cut for all ages


Clean Shave


Beard Styling


Face steam


Hot Towel


We offer broad range of services

  • Hair cut for all ages

  • Hot Wax

  • Clean Shave


  • Hot Towel

  • Face Steam

  • Beard Styling

About us

Our Barber shop offers a broad range of services, including hair cut for all ages, hot wax, clean shave, hot towel, face steam and beard styling. Our highly-trained and professional team is experienced in taking care of all of our clients` needs, using only the best products on the market.

  • Long Years of Experience

    All our barbers have long years of experience.

  • Professional Stylers

    We know how important professional stying is, so all our stylers are pros.

  • 100% Branded Products

    We always use high quality products.

contact us

Harlow Barbers in an authentic barber shop located in Staple Tye Shopping Centre in Harlow. Should you have any comments regarding the service of our barbers please use the email address to contact the company director.

openning hours

We are open everyday!

Mon - Sat 08:45 – 19:00
sun 10:00 – 17:00

9th Haircut Free

free wash

Get your 9th haircut, style and wash for free


We will carry out the following safety measures from DAY 1 and will update our safety measures in line with Government guideline.

Temperature measure

We will measure the temperature of our barbers and customers prior to entrance using a Thermo Scan Gun

Washing hands at entrance

We would be kindly asking all our customers to wash their hands at entrance using an antibacterial soap

PPE face masks and disposal gloves

Our barbers will use PPE masks and disposal gloves

UV steriliser

All our machines and scissors would be frequently sterilised using a UV steriliser machine

Barbicide Covid-19 training

All our barbers have successfully completed their Barbicide Covid-19 training

Social distancing between barber chairs

We will be using 4 of the 6 chairs we have to ensure there is at least 2 meters between each active barber chair

Social distancing between customers in queue

We will limit the number of customers waiting inside to ensure there is a minimum 2 meters between each customer

Frequent cleaning

Door handles, tables and surfaces would be frequently wiped using antibacterial wipes

Hand gels

Antibacterial hand gels will always be available for use


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